Parkour is a discipline of movement. A way to train your body to move over, under, and through nearly any obstacle in your surroundings. Parkour teaches us to be strong, fast, and aware of our environment.

Functional movement is key in Parkour and getting where you need to becomes the goal.


Freerunning is the art of movement. Freerunning blends your creativity, athleticism, and innovation. Using your surroundings to create acrobatics, flow, and stylized movements, you create your own art form on any canvas. 

Obstacle Challenges

Come try your hand at one of our Obstacle Course Challenge Classes. Test your skills against ropes, walls, tunnels, and much more. Whether your prepping for Ninja Warrior, Alpha Warrior, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, or any other race, our courses are sure to push you.